Yoga & Chi Kung

Holistic Chi-Yoga

Improve your fitness and flexibility, reduce stress and improve mind and body co-ordination with Holistic Yoga. Classes include preliminary (warm up) exercises, kriyas (cleansing breathing exercises), chi kung (energy balancing), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Suitable for all.

Chi Kung

Gentle Chinese exercise system to reduce stress, improve mobility and energy levels. Chi Kung (Qigong) literally means ‘work with Chi’, reflecting one of the aims of chi kung, that is to promote the flow of chi (or qi, or prana) within the body. Chi Kung promotes relaxation of the body and deepening of the breath, due to the gentle, breath-linked nature of the exercises.

The movements we cover all focus on a softness of the body, including softness of the joints, and are easy to remember so you can use them at home too! They are particularly good exercises to introduce at home because equipment such as mats is not required. There are many forms of Chi Kung; we practice the Shi-Ba-Shi (’18’ or Tai Chi) Chi Kung, and a Five Element Chi Kung.  Our Chi Kung classes are suitable for all, including those with low levels of fitness, or health or mobility problems.

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga

Have some time out for yourself and your baby at our pregnancy classes. We use relaxation, breathing exercises, movements and other exercises to reduce stress levels and prepare for birth. Many of the exercises taught in the class are helpful tools for labour and birth; our aim is to help you have a calm and relaxed pregnancy, and a shorter and more comfortable labour and birth!