Music Lessons

Barry has been playing harmonica for over 25 years, and harmonium for over 10 years. He offers beginners lessons on both instruments. If you are interested in learning either instrument please get in touch:
barry [at] (change [at] for @ before sending)


Barry mainly plays Americana (blues, old time, jug band) as well as folk and rock music on diatonic Richter tuned harmonicas (such as the Hohner Marine Band). He has been playing since he was 16, and plays both acoustic and amplified harp, and also using a harmonica rack Bob Dylan style! He has attended lessons/workshops with a number of teachers including Jason Ricci, Annie Raines, Liam Ward, Joe Felisko and Will Wilde. You can regularly find him at jam evenings around Devon and Cornwall. He is a member of the HarmonicaUK (National Harmonica League)




Barry began playing harmonium shortly after completing his yoga teacher training, and gained experience playing kirtan at yoga festivals and yoga studios. He has been leading kirtan evenings for Devon School of Yoga courses for over 10 years, and plays at yoga festivals and kirtan evenings in Devon and Cornwall.