Holistic Yoga classes, workshops and retreats

The retreat was wonderful – just the right balance of relaxation and energetic practice. I left feeling very uplifted and calm all at the same time! The food was amazing and a very important part of the whole weekend. The venue was beautiful and my massage was fabulous. My only criticism is that I wanted to stay longer! Please can you out me on the list for next year? Trudi

Barry is an excellent teacher; I would recommend him to everyone. Classes are for all abilities and Barry delivers it so anyone can understand yoga. I did both prenatal birthlight weekly classes and his holistic yoga after pregnancy. Gutted we moved and I still have not found a teacher anywhere near as good as Barry. I attended the retreat this year and I am so going next year too! Anna

Pregnancy Yoga classes and workshops

Hey Barry, sorry its taken me a while to message it’s just been a mad time over Christmas. I gave birth to a little gorgeous boy on Saturday 21st December at 3.53am in Okehampton. My contractions started at 11.30pm and went straight into 3 minutes apart so straight away golden thread was amazing! Got to okehampton at 1.30am and believe it or not he arrived just before 4am. Midwife was very shocked as it was my first they didn’t believe I was in labour so wouldn’t give me gas and air until literally the last hour! Due to it being so quick it was very intense so the breathing golden thread was the main one I used and a bit of Charlie Chaplin, haha, but didn’t do for long as contractions were strong! Also wanted a water birth but he came too quick! Thank you for all your support and advice I would recommend you to anyone as it made my labour much more bearable. Also Phil was amazing and says the birth preparation day really helped 😊 so thank you again Katie x

Sorry for the delay in writing, baby was born on 14th nov at 3:02am in Exeter hospital weighing 7lb 3 oz. We were sent away from hospital twice due to my contractions slowing down each time I got into the car, however after my waters broke we didn’t have much time to get to hospital for the third time and she was born after being in hospital for only fifteen mins, so didn’t have time or the need for pain relief, only gas and air for the last few contractions. Didn’t have much walk about time in hospital to try many of the birthing positions that we tried on the birthing day, but the breathing and golden thread was hugely used and relied on for focus and even pain relief in car, focusing on breathing out the pain. Jolyon said that he is so pleased that he attended the birthing workshop as he was able to keep me calm and focused in the car, and support me in hospital and recommends the class to fathers to be. The midwives on duty that night said that they wished that they could have filmed me giving birth as I was in such control of my breathing and looked completely in the zone. We both would like to say a huge thank you to you for giving us the tools for an good birthing experience. Best wishes Amy

Hi Barry, I had to sadly be induced again. I found in early labour the Charlie Chaplin was superb @ pain relief & relaxing physical tension. Also focusing on the breath & belly dancing! When had to go onto syntocin drip to speed things up I was continuously monitored but had some limited space to move. I kept as mobile as poss & used all fours positions to ease back pains. Partner pressing on back great too thanks to your teaching 🙂  Later labour i used safe place to good effect. All went ok despite  daughters shoulder getting stuck (maybe don’t tell class that bit!). Felt pretty good post birth. Funnily enough midwives gave me birth ball (fully inflated!) & liked the active birth stating it was pretty rare to see. I have a very calm baby probably thanks to the antenatal yoga. Many thanks for everything. Best wishes Sophie x

Postnatal yoga for mum & baby

I’ve really enjoyed Barry’s postnatal yoga classes. They’re  great for relaxation and stretching tired muscles. It’s a good mix of stretches and postures for mums and songs and moves for babies.  It’s lovely to have a class that helps mums to look after themselves as well as having fun with our little ones. Ruth

Barry is such a lovely yoga teacher. I have been to both his pre and post natal classes which are very relaxed and friendly, great for a much needed breathe and stretch. Barry even helps calm my baby when she’s unsettled so I can carry on with the yoga! Would definitely recommend these classes. Sophie