Barry Elms MA

Macologist – Musician – Yoga Teacher


Good Night Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation)
Wednesdays 9pm on Zoom – no charge, donation if able
Please text me on 07941199001 to be added to the list

New Healing Star Yoga Nidra – free download from the Yoga Nidra page

About Me

I have over 25 years of yoga experience and have been a tutor on Devon School of Yoga‘s Teacher Training Courses since 2007. I run Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) sessions and study Sanskrit in my spare time.

As a musician I am mainly a harmonica and harmonium player, however, I also play washboard and rhythm guitar reasonably competently. My preferred music to play is English folk, Americana/Roots (blues, old time, jug band), and Indian mantra music.  I lead yoga mantra sessions (kirtan) on Devon School of Yoga courses and around Devon and Cornwall. I usually play harmonium at these sessions, but have been known to play guitar and percussion too. I teach harmonica and harmonium for beginners.

LinkedInI’ve used Macs since studying BSc MediaLab Arts degree in the mid-90’s. I currently provide IT support on Mac and iOS devices for Resonance, a Social Impact Investment company based in Launceston and operating out of offices across the UK.


Contact Barry at: barry [at] elmsgrove.com  (change [at] for @ before sending)

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